“Social Institutions” and “Living Conditions: Cultural Analysis

4 to 5 page papers (plus charts and graphs) are required for this course. The papers must be typed or word processed, one-and-one-half- or double-spaced with one-inch margins, minimum 10-point type. (Using Times or Times New Roman font, 10-point type, you can easily put 2,000 words in a 4-5 page – ‘spaced’ paper. Endnotes do not count in the 4-5 pages nor do any charts/graph.) Each paper will go through draft and revision stages, plus you will submit the final copy to www.turnitin.com for a “plagiarism check.” Your assignment is to choose a country, then research and write one paper that address the cultural issues discussed in the textbook and in class. Ideally, the country you choose to research should be located on a different continent than the one you consider to be your “cultural home.” (I’m open to argument otherwise.)

The United States is off limits to all students.( China is off limits to me) (Must include charts and graphs) Your papers should have the following headings and should include information for each subheading. In such short papers as these, it is important to maintain correct proportions for each section. For example, “Brief History” is just that: brief. “Social Institutions” and “Living Conditions,” however, should be your two longest sections in the Cultural Analysis. Generally, it is better to have one sentence per subsection (or sub-subsection) than nothing at all. Numerical data may be displayed in exhibits attached at the end of the papers (but not photocopied pages from almanacs or abstracts—the data should be typed or otherwise put into easy-to-read presentation format). Brief History of the Culture/Country Geography Location Climate Social Institutions Family: nuclear, extended, parental roles, marriage and courtship, female/male roles Education: primary, secondary, higher, literacy rate Political system: structure, parties, stability, tax rates, local government Legal system: judiciary, code or common, intellectual property Social organizations: groups, social classes, clubs, races, ethnicity, subcultures Business customs and practices Religion and Aesthetics

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