Raising Minimum Wage: An explanation of the controversy, its

You will provide the reader a basic understanding on the topic (For Minimum Wage, as in raising it) – an explanation of the controversy, its background, and current standing. For the thesis, you will articulate the position. You must support your position with reasons, which explain why your position is valid. Each reason should be supported by evidence, this is the research you will pursue on the issue you have selected for the paper. It can include facts, anecdotes, statistics, authoritative opinions.

You will have to provide counter arguments, have to be fairly short. Have to provide refutations, these should be detailed and lengthier. You will conclude with a reiteration of the main argument, and possibly offer a solution, compromise, or policy. Have to introduce and cite all borrowed information and opinion from research. HAS TO INCLUDE AT LEAST 5 NON-INTERNET SOURCES. Electronic Databases are acceptable (magazines, newspapers) CANNOT USE INTERNET SITES OR ELSE RECEIVE ZERO. The citation has to be in MLA style, Parenthetical style. Separate Works cited page required.

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