Narritve essay about civil war about kurdish people

Description Research/ Drawing Experience: Once you have chosenyour topic, you may continue to elaborate on your mind map, OR create a brief list of things (chronological order) related to the event/ situation (actions, exchange of words/ sayings/ dialogue, location, people involved…etc.). *Tip: You may use the 5 w’s to help! Organizing your points/ ideas: Use the Personal Narrative Essay Outline to help you format your essay and information. Follow the instructions and prompts under each section to further explain in more detail. Rough Draft: Because this piece of writing is creative and tracks your own point of view, you may use first person language. Moreover, language conventions will play a less significant part in your overall evaluation. Include the following requirements: ü literary devices (approx. 2-3) o metaphors, similes o repetition (anaphora) o allusion o parallel structure o analogies o foreshadowing o imagery, symbolism o verbal irony, situational irony ogically organized: describe the event in chronological order. 5) Editing: Using the Peer Review Form to guide you, have one other person evaluate your work. If you have typed your rough copy draft, print out a hard copy for this step. Peer editing session:  6) Final Draft: Typed, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, APA style layout (name, title, course code, teacher’s name….one inch margins). 7) Oral format: You will audio record your essay (either on a phone, computer, recording app like Audacity) and hand in a digital sound file. It should be roughly 3 mins long (500-700 words). Refer to the resources on effective speaking strategies to guide you in criteria.

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